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When a snakebite occurs, time is of the essence. Healthcare professionals treating envenomation must be confident in the treatment they choose. To ensure CroFab® meets the highest level of quality and supply consistency; our manufacturing processes takes us around the globe. Join us in this immersive experience to see why CroFab is the choice for comprehensive coverage of all North American pit viper envenomations.

Salt Lake City, Utah

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Our CroFab® journey begins in the United States with the extraction of venom. It’s the certified venom protein that makes CroFab the only FDA‐approved antivenom derived exclusively from U.S. pit vipers.

The standards, expertise, and animal care we provide makes a critical difference in the quality of venoms produced.


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Visit our site in South Australia, where four separate flocks of Australian sheep will be immunized with the four separate batches of native venom proteins. Australia is a country that has negligible presence of prion disease, ensuring a clean host animal for CroFab® manufacturing. Our Australian sites are highly regulated and inspected to further ensure high‐quality serum.

Wales, United Kingdom

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Visit our site in Wales, which was intentionally designed for bioprocessing serum, isolating the immunoglobulin, or IgG, and purifying the venom‐specific Fab molecules to create CroFab®. It’s this meticulous process that gives you confidence to choose CroFab® to effectively treat your patients when time is tissue.

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