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Control With Confidence

The only antivenom derived from native US pit vipers to treat envenomations from all species of North American pit vipers1

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Strength and Speed When You Need It Most

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Clinically Relevant

Derived from geographically and clinically relevant US snakes1,2

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Venomics Approach
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Specifically Engineered

Designed with a spectrum of small, venom-specific protein (Fab) fragments1,3

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Proven Efficacy

Halted all clinically important effects of envenomation, with Level 1 evidence specifically for copperhead envenomation1,4

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Antivenom for Rattlesnakes, Cottonmouths, and Copperheads

Dosing for Initial and Sustained Control of Envenomation

Administer CroFab as soon as possible to prevent clinical deterioration1

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