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Reconstitution and Administration

Reconstitute in 3 Simple Steps Before CroFab Administration1

Watch this video to learn more about how to reconstitute and administer CroFab.

CroFab reconstitution1

Filling syringe with sterile saline icon

Select and fill syringe with 18 mL of 0.9% sterile saline

Injecting sterile saline into CroFab vial icon

Inject sterile saline solution slowly into CroFab vial

Rotating vials of CroFab to reconstitute icon

Rotate vial 180 degrees and manually invert up to twice per second until no solid material remains in the vial. The entire dose should then be further diluted in 0.9% sterile saline to a total volume of 250 mL.

  • Each batch of CroFab is tested for reconstitution time and must reconstitute in <7 minutes2
    •  Based on data from 72 batches of CroFab, the median time to reconstitute CroFab is 3 minutes

Administer CroFab to Achieve Control1

  • After reconstitution, infuse the dose intravenously over 60 minutes1
    •  The infusion should proceed slowly over the first 10 minutes with careful observation for any allergic reaction
  • If no such reaction occurs, the infusion rate may be increased to the full rate until completion1

CroFab dosing vial icon

Appropriate dosing achieves initial and sustained control of envenomation1

Learn How to Dose CroFab
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CroFab is clinically proven to achieve initial control of envenomation1

Examine the Data
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Real-world use supports improved outcomes with CroFab1

Hear Real Patient Experiences

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