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Why Choose CroFab?

CroFab Is the Only Antivenom Derived From Native US Pit Vipers to Treat Envenomations From All Species of North American Pit Vipers1

CroFab Meets WHO Guidelines for Effective Snake Antivenom2

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an effective antivenom is one derived from clinically relevant snakes native to the geographic region in which the antivenom is used.2

CroFab is the only antivenom derived from geographically and clinically relevant US snakes for comprehensive coverage of all North American pit viper envenomations.1,2

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Water Moccasin

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Water Moccasin - Coiled

Water Moccasin

Mojave Rattlesnak Coiled


Eastern Diamondback
Eastern Diamondback - Coiled


Western Diamondback
Western Diamondback - Coiled for Strike


CroFab Was Engineered to Neutralize a Broad Range of Clinically Relevant Toxins1

A Comprehensive Venomics Approach

Four snake species were strategically chosen based on their unique venom fingerprints, which together provide comprehensive coverage across the diverse venom compositions of North American pit vipers.1,3

High-performance liquid chromatography is used to separate and identify individual components of venom to define a unique venomic fingerprint for each snake type.4,5

The venom fingerprints of the four US pit vipers used to engineer CroFab


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CroFab is clinically proven to achieve initial control of envenomation2

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CroFab rapidly binds to and neutralizes venom toxins2

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CroFab safety is backed by more than 20 years of clinical experience2

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