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Unified Treatment Algorithm

Get Familiar With the Unified Treatment Algorithm

The Unified Treatment Algorithm is a comprehensive procedure based on expert recommendations for proper treatment in the event of a pit viper snakebite.

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Eric Lavonas, MD, FACEP, FACMT

Emergency Medicine & Medical Toxicology

Hear From the Lead Author of the Treatment Algorithm

“When treating a snakebite, there is a small
 window to provide care, and the importance of every
 decision is magnified.”

Review resources on the treatment algorithm 
for the management of crotaline snakebites.

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Interactive Treatment Algorithm

The interactive treatment algorithm
can serve as a guide in preparation of and 
during snakebite envenomation.

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Full Treatment Poster

Be prepared at every stage of
envenomation management with guidance 
from the algorithm poster.

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Full Treatment Algorithm Research Article

Read the clinical research behind the
consensus treatment algorithm for the management 
of North American pit viper envenomation.

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This information is adapted from general advice from a panel of US snakebite experts convened in May 2010. No algorithm can anticipate all clinical situations. Other valid approaches exist, and deviations from this information based on individual patient needs, local resources, local treatment guidelines, and patient preferences are expected. This algorithm is not intended to represent a standard of care. For more information, please see the accompanying manuscript, available at

Watch Dr. Eric Lavonas break down
the reasoning behind the Unified Treatment Algorithm.


Did you know?

It has been estimated that 7000-8000 people are bitten by venomous
snakes per year. The number of morbidities can be decreased with preparation for aggressive and immediate medical intervention.1


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Recommendations for
the management of 
North American pit viper 

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Appropriate dosing achieves
initial and sustained control 
of envenomation2

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Real-world use supports improved outcomes
with CroFab2

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1. Frequently Asked Questions. Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation website. Accessed September 13, 2023.
2. CroFab®. Prescribing information. BTG International Inc.; August 2018.