CroFab® Is Proven to Control Envenomation in Pediatric and Adult Patients

Gaining Initial Control With CroFab®

In 2 open-label trials with 42 patients with mild or moderate envenomation1,2*:

  • 98% of patients administered CroFab® gained initial control
  • 95% of patients showed a clinical response 1 hour after initial control

*This study excluded envenomation by copperhead snakes. In study 1, patients were given up to 2 doses of 4 vials each to gain initial control. In study 2, patients were given up to 6 vials each to gain initial control. Initial control is achieved when local signs of envenomation are arrested (leading edge of local injury is not progressing), systemic symptoms are resolved, and coagulation parameters have normalized or are trending toward normal.

Clinical response = pretreatment signs and symptoms of envenomation were arrested or improved.


CroFab®-treated patients gained initial control of their envenomation

Demonstrated efficacy in gaining initial control

Level 1 Evidence for Copperhead Envenomation3

In a placebo-controlled trial of 74 patients with copperhead envenomation published in 2017, CroFab® administration resulted in improved limb function vs placebo on Day 14 post envenomation.  Patients treated with CroFab® achieved better functional outcomes sooner compared with placebo-treated patients (Patient-Specific Functional Scale [PSFS] score at Day 14: 8.6 vs 7.4, respectively; P=0.04).


Crofab®-treated patients demonstrated improved functioning

Demonstrated efficacy in gaining initial control

Patients treated with CroFab® required less opioid use at all time points, compared with placebo (up to 28 days).


CroFab®-treated patients required less opioid use

Demonstrated efficacy in gaining initial control

Trial data was drawn specifically from patients suffering from mild or moderate copperhead snake envenomation.
§Based on a secondary analysis of opioid use post discharge. Two patients were excluded from the secondary analysis.4
On Day 28 post envenomation, 1 patient receiving CroFab® continued to take a daily opioid prescribed prior to study initiation.2

Watch Dr. Rutherfoord Rose discuss using CroFab® to treat copperhead envenomation.


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