SnakeBite911 App

The SnakeBite911 app can educate you about North American pit vipers, help track the progression of a bite, and find a hospital nearby so you are always prepared.

Includes potentially life-saving tips, tools, and resources for:

Use SnakeBite911 to stay prepared and knowledgeable
SnakeBite911 for General Public


  • Facts about North American pit vipers and how to identify them
  • Tips for how to keep safe from snakes and avoid being bitten
  • Easily search for snakes that inhabit your state
  • Review CroFab® Crotalidae Polyvalent Immune Fab (Ovine) Important Safety Information and Prescribing Information
  • Watch the CroFab® reconstitution video
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Treatment features screenshots

Envenomation Tracking and Treatment

  • Quickly dial 911 or the Poison Control Center
  • Time-stamped venom tracker tool with timed reminders to capture venom progression and ability to add notes to photos
  • Locate nearby hospitals that may stock CroFab®
  • Interactive unified treatment algorithm
  • Best practice steps for treatment and aftercare, including checklist of actions to avoid when treating pit viper bites
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Get it on Google Play

Educate yourself to know what to do when envenomation strikes.